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Carlos Gracie Senior

Carlos Gracie junior

braulio estima

4th Degree black belt
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graeme finneran

head instructor

black belt

Professor Braulio at gb Warrington 2.0 Grand opening!

Professor victor at gb Warrington 2.0 Grand opening!

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Head Instructor Professor Graeme Finneran

Graeme is currently a Black Belt under Braulio and Victor Estima and is the owner and head instructor of Gracie Barra Warrington. Graeme is an ex Sergeant of the Elite Parachute Regiment and had served with the Parachute Regiment for 15 years within the British Army. He has acquired many skills over the years which have advanced his path into the martial arts industry.

He has been a qualified Physical Training Instructor for over eleven years,

he is an ABA Level two boxing coach,

Certified Personal Trainer,

 Sports Conditioning Instructor,

Strength and Conditioning Instructor,

Circuit Training Instructor,

Kettlebell Instructor 

and is a qualified Life Coach!

   Graeme has built upon these skills when competing at a high level for the Army; he has been recruited for some of the most prestigious roles within training teams, coaching and the selection processes with the Parachute Regiment -PARA COY Depot, P Coy Training Team Selection Process, and the Parachute Regiment Aptitude Course.

   He began training Brazilian JiuJitsu in 2007 an Graeme was until recently the team Captain of The British Army Bjj Team and continues to compete internationally. He has won a mulititude of military and civilian titles, including twice Army Martial Arts Champion 2014 and 2015, Inter-Services Champion 2015, The Public Services Champion 2015, The British Open Champion 2015 and European Champion in Rome 2016 for Gi and NoGi BJJ.

   Graeme has been on multiple training camps in Thailand, Asia, including Tiger Muay thai and Phuket Top Team to build upon his striking, Muay Thai and MMA.


He continues to develop his passion for martial arts and developing it in others! The highest level of instruction in Brazilian JiuJitsu and Strength and Conditioning and Personal Fitness at Gracie Barra Warrington.

Junior Coach Benjamin Finneran